Let us introduce ourself.

Have you ever been to Biggelaar Special Performance ,
then must you know our two owners.

You 're new and you want to talk to the Director of Biggelaar Special Performance
then you ask for Jan or Toine van den Biggelaar .
A deserving driver on the Ducati in various classes.
and a specialist in the field of Ducati's .

Already in 1966 , Jan started selling his favorite motorcycle brand .
And of course there comes the maintenance and repairs of the Duc's at .
With all the knowledge he had at that time been acquired by modifying and
tune of his own race Ducati's is unique Biggelaar maintenance pattern emerged .
Biggelaar Ducati was born and soon enjoyed a national reputation .
You may, if you 've been driving for years, Ducati has still the old slogan :
Who says Biggelaar says Ducati and that says enough.
And this slogan is still relevant .

Meanwhile Jan has largely withdrawn from the case,
He is still co-owner and works in the summer, when the Biggelaar
can be very busy, still as a tuning specialist. Jan does fit cautious side
to give to join . following in his footsteps ishis son Toine at all specialties
Also by Toine his veins flows the blood Ducati and passion for this unique and
streamlined engines. Like his father Toine active in racing and has several
specials built for himself and for others, which he, like his father,
often achieved a podium.

The knowledge and the love for Ducati is still as strong, with a straight Ducati Family
called , and knowledge over the years, of course, grown by the experience and
sincere commitment to the experiences of their clients

Toine v/d Biggelaar

Engine building
Jan V/d Biggelaar

Building engines
Technical wizard

If you call Biggelaar Special Performance, this lady is your first point of contact. Cary takes care of all our correspondence,
keep the records in order, in a case like Biggelaar Special Performance is extremely diverse,
For example, given the huge range of Ducati, parts, motorcycle clothing, accessories and merchandice.
Her work she always carries as accurate and she is a centipede inside
Biggelaar Special Performance that ensures that planning is successful, the financial picture is always right,
you as a customer get through to the right person, suppliers and partners to Biggelaar word,
orders are made on time, the customer manages data, archive and is always present.


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manus van alles.