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The ECU Ducati specialist from Belgium and the Netherlands ..

For each type of Ducati we have customized solutions
Also for several other European brands, we can offer solutions .

Price from 350 euros for a full dyno session incl rewriting ECU tailored for you Ducati

ECU examples of applications are:
Take away the environmental restrictions such as Lambda sensors off , Exup valves out put , customized mappings for standard motors to complete self-built racing with Ducati electricity projects .

Also for repairing Displays the unmount Immo codes and create your own complete virgin both ECU and Display ( model dependent ! )

Certainly the latest Ducati motorcycles have suffered from poor run at low throttle positions , this is our perfect to solve through the mapping to write for your Ducati . Tailored

We test every engine on our test bench , and we have all the software needed is available in the company

For more information please contact us for a solution

You can also contact us for any technical work on Ducati routine maintenance of all models to full race engines built on nothing and everything in-between , revision block at affordable prices , exchange engines etc etc

Biggelaar Special Performance
The specialist for all your Ducati needs with 50 years of
experience and passion for the brand

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El Diablo 2 valve racer

Lightweight 2 valve race bike build for customer... my new nickname for this bike is El Diablo.. this bike made me crazy last week with the Electronic problems.. like the devil was playing with it .
But we sorted it and tomorrow the bike can go on transport to Almeria ..
call that al close call .. 

Aprilia RSV4 tuning


202 Hp Ducati 1199

 Normaly we run the bikes in 4e gear without any brake, just rev it up a bit and then go full throttle, in this case we set the dyno on 10% brake during entire run so it takes the bike a bit longer to reach the top end, for ECU set-up i use a different way, for that I will set the bike in 6e gear and run it to 4500 rpm and hold it full throttle until my lambda sensor is stabilized and then I release the brake . In this way the run itself will take longer and also enables me to have a more correct lambda reading to adjust the ECU correct . this also gives different values specially in the torque part, this run the bikes produces 202 BHP on the wheel and 147 NM torque .

198 Hp Ducati 1199

This run is made in 6e gear, i brake the dyno at 4500 rpm, when my lambda is stabilized i release the brake to run the bike with 10% resistance on the dyno roll to extend the time for my lambda measurement, the run i done at full throttle, result are not bad, 198 BHP on the wheel and 139 NM torque .