Biggelaar Special Performance History

Three generations van den Biggelaar are selling Ducati  1966-2006

Toon van den Biggelaar  1914, died in 1992
Jan van den Biggelaar     1945
Toine van den Biggelaar  1971




Toon of the Biggelaar touches during a training accident with his dirt bike
seriously injured. And from that moment unemployed and disabled by a spinal cord injury
in the Netherlands that still licking the wounds of World War II.
After two years of rehabilitation can somewhat Show off your feet, but that for the rest
of his life remains partially paralyzed and must move about on crutches.


Show starts at the address, Pastoor van Beugenstraat 20, where Biggelaar still
is established, a bicycle and moped shop where occasionally also sometimes an engine
is sold. Legendary brands find their way when using Biggelaar customers like
NSU, Triumph, BSA, JAWA, etc .......


Son Jan steps in buisnes as mechanic/salesman


Biggelaar is Ducati Dealer and various Ducati's are already in the first year
sold as the types 160 and 250 Monza, 200 Elite, 200 GT, Mark3 and Mach1 .......
Nice anecdote: The 1st buyer of a Ducati, a Monza 160, Hans van de Kerkhof
after more than 30 years to have its first Ducati lost sight of, the motor was found
in the back room in a barn. Coincidence, if it exists? He has the Duc
redeemed and with Special Performance Biggelaar again in full
original new condition restored.


Biggelaar goes racing with Ducati. Ducati 250 Mark3 is prepared.
Harry v.d. Kruys is the driver and Jan v.d. Biggelaar the mechanic. Miraculously
The first race is won by the team. The road race in Reusel.


At the 24 hour race of Oss Jan v.d. Biggelaar and Piet v.d. Wal registered a Ducati 350
Desmo Mark3. After 18 hours of racing is the couple with a big lead in the lead, as the drama unfolds,
the crankshaft broke into three pieces and the party is over.


Jan takes over the business of father Toon , and married Thea . At Oss Jan does the 24 hour
race again, but now with fellow motorcycle dealer Harry Muyen. Together they win the
500CC class. Again with the Ducati 350 Desmo Mark3.


During the road race in Den Bosch Jan v.d. Biggelaar wins the 250CC class on a Ducati 250
Desmo Non-F3 in a field of the already existing Japanese 2 cyl. 2 stroke prod. racers. As far as
we can tell, this is the last time a 1 cyl. stroke has won a race 250CC.

Also in this year the 3rd generation, son Toine, born.


Jan buys, for on the road, the legendary Ducati 750CC Yellow Sports.

The Ducati 'yellow' by means of the pistons of a Ducati 450 Desmo,
newly bussed cylinders with Peugeot buses and a cylinder crankcase reamed
to an 864CC. The cylinder capacity that the Ducati factory in Italy applied two years later.

The 'yellow' makes way for an exclusive 900SS Ducati Desmo. Of this type came 3 pieces to the
Netherlands this year, intended as a racer and delivered without registration. Jan did however
checked the engine and fitted the bike with a registration, so he drove one on the street at that time,
fastest and most exclusive motors in the Netherlands. At that time one could KAWA 900 4 cylinder,
the fastest production motorcycle at the time, in fourth gear to be overtaken even talking about then
switch with the Ducati and leaving the KAWAdriver completely surprised.

The buisnis is being expanded with a new workshop, a larger shop by buying the building number 22.
In the open class, the NMB drive Harry v.d. Kruys and Rob Point on Biggelaar SSRs regularly in prices.
The Ducati assorted extended with the Ducati 860 and the Ducati 900SD.

The Ducati Pantah comes on the market and is a bestseller. Also the Mike Hailwood replica is
been introduced. The Ducati Club Race is taken place at the Belgian circuit of Zolder and Jan wins
the fast 1 cylinder class with a drilled by himself, tuned Ducati 387CC measuring 350 Silver Desmo.


Meanwhile, the misery is concerned Ducati Netherlands. The Dutch importer increases the prices of
new components of Ducati's gigantic, so sales completely stagnant. Jan decides to keep the Ducati
Market in Netherlands healthy, in co-operation with a German importer, parts and engines are purchased
directly. With the result that in the Netherlands Jan sells more bikes than the Dutch importer.


Some drivers in the sport class 600 decide to use the Ducati 600 Pantah. Also, Ben van der Maaten.
He decides to go racing with by Biggelaar tuned Ducati 600. Ben unfortunately deceased by a motor
accident on the road.

The success of Ben van der Maaten contineus. This year he is Dutch champion sports class with a
Biggelaar Ducati. Also in Assen he positioning itself as the fastest Dutchman with a Ducati during
750CC F1 racing. This contest was led by the legendary Marco Lucchinelli.

Jan v.d. Biggelaar builds the first supermono in the world. Ducati 375CC lying one cylinder.
The customers now kmown 'Ducske' . Ducske was built years before the factory Ducati itself
decided to build supermono bikes. No wonder then, that this Biggelaar Ducati was in Italian and
Japanese press after his first appearance in the club race. The last Ducati Club Race at Zolder is
dominated by the fast A group the Tricolore Biggelaar F1 and TT2. Jan wins the first place
on the F1 and Ben van der Maaten on the TT2 second.
Ducske remains to be admired Biggelaar Special Performance.

Biggelaar is becomming exclusive Ducati Dealer and decides not to sell, maintain
or repair other brands any more. So here arises the exclusive Ducati Specialism.
Jan finally stops racing.


The first water cooled 4-valve Ducati comes on the market,
The 851 Strada and becomes a bestseller at Biggelaar Ducati.

Toine son joins the ranks and becomes help mechanic. Biggelaar remains active with
tuning and sponsorship in racing. Guus van der Meer runs a Ducati 958 Verlicci,
a special construction, the Desmo Due class.

'T Ducske is taken again after 15 years and Toine pulls it to Assen to have fun in the first
cylinder class above 250CC. His yellow 'rocket' he great plans with had brought him
quickly into the grintbak while 't Ducske again turned to be faithful and got
Toine second place on the podium.

3rd generation Toine is co-owner of the now to VOF
renamed case and now holds the steering wheel in his hands.
Jan just keeps still working on preparation and tuning
heads and blocks. A large part of the year, Jan enjoys the
sun on the island of Tenerife, where he exclusively for Biggelaar customers
engine provides holiday's. Toine wins during his second Ducati Club Race
the first cylinder class above the 250CC with his self-built Super Mono
the lead is no less than 30 seconds on the laggards.

Replica’s van Toine zijn supermono worden in een weguitvoering
gebouwd en aan klanten verkocht in diverse uitvoeringen.
Toine bouwt ook zijn supersnelle Ducati 500CC hypermono 4 klepper,
wint de 1 cylinderklasse nog maar eens een keer met zijn 2kleps
mono en hij ’parkeert’ zijn parade Red Bull met 20 seconden voorsprong
elegant in de grintbak.

Biggelaar Performance & Tuning is growing out of her jacket
and the premises; Pastoor van Beugenstraat 14 / m 18 is beeing purchased.
Biggelaar specialty store Ducati is now a company with seven

Meanwhile Ducati Italy has her own guidelines and tightened only
the Ducati stores may still carry the name Ducati. Biggelaar, was, is,
and will always be a Ducati Specialist and continue and hence
name change to Biggelaar Special Performance.
Progressing work on expansion,
Despite difficult economic times, steadily and we hope
mid-2005 to have this completed. There has been for lovers
also an ultramodern test cabin furnished with a Dynostar Test bench
and we will continue to do our best to give you the familiar
Ducati exclusive service to maintain the familiar level.

Renovations, improvements are underway and the new
Ducati Shop opens. A lady for receptionele, sales,
administrative, accounting, public relations, advertising tasks.
The workshop runs very much in the style known Biggelaar. Come to
Oisterwijk for all your needs in the field of Ducati's.

The entire workshop is to be redeveloped. the "old" house style will change drastically.
This is with a view to the introduction of one of the four demosedice that will come to the Netherlands

Grand reopening of the new workshop.
this does not begin to recognize return after a thorough renovation.

switch from Ducati dealer to Ducati service point!

This means that we will fully focus on service provision namely maintenance and tuning of
Ducati motorcycles. This means that you will find no new Ducati motorcycles in our showroom
(which is not to say that we can not help and advise when you buy this, and for the most
favorable can arrange transaction!) Further information about this we would like to personally
explain to us on the matter! However, we keep a stock of affordable Ducati occasions which persist
be delivered to the known manner, namely with mostly double guarantee term and with recent
maintenance history for a long time trouble free driving pleasure.
This new approach (lower investment ed.), We can at the most favorable conditions serve you with
our specialties. Even if you have purchased elsewhere your new Ducati, you are very welcome to
us for maintenance and service, and obviously take any warranty work taking over.


A big step ...

The year where we as Biggelaar throw in the towel as
official Ducati dealer. In order to have the freedom our specialty
to pursue our own unique way. We can not find us in the uniform
of rules imposed from above, this limits us a lot in our creativity. What is good is good,
and what is bad, we want to have been appointed as such and can tackle as we almost
doing half a century. Ducati is passion, but for good Italian tradition still allowed
the stitches are necessary, which are covered with the mantle of love, except Biggelaar !!!!
An engine with passion combined with the perfectionism that we employ us worldwide
clientele anxious to find this Oisterwijk know. Tailor i.p.v confection that's Biggelaar.
We also have our unique service to know tuning both mechanically and electronically extended
other European brands. Welcome!