Unfortunately, sometimes you damage to your precious Ducati .
In general you'r insurred for any costs that's a good thing .
If you have driven damage , how many wil it cost?
What exactly is broken? And where can I go when it comes to valuation , repairs and
necessary parts ?
Biggelaar Special Performance we treat your damage very carefully .
The entire process can be provided by us ,
apart from the claims handling with insurance .
Biggelaar has excellent contacts with various experts ,
who also knowledge of have the unique motorcycle brand .
Then there is the benefit of new and used parts we have in stock.
And for the bodypart damage to your Ducati ,
we obviously have a specialized spray company.

Appraisal 's

If you have a special Ducati , valuable, a timer , a special or completely
modified , think of various carbon parts, special rims , expensive exhaust
or a combination thereof. Then it is advisable to have your Ducati for insurance
be valued by an expert . The appraiser determines the value to insure
your Ducati , in consultation with Biggelaar Special Performance .